To manufacture aluminium products by continuously increasing the reprocessing and finishing rate.


To reprocess aluminium in products that provide the maximumvalue to our customers and to thereby meet the needs of customers, personnel, owners, the environment and other stakeholders and, in doing so, satisfy the needs of our customers by providing them with the best service possible.


Innovation – to develop products jointly with our customers that satisfy their needs; to provide for innovation and constant training of personnel.

Diligence – to provide for the participation of all personnel by means of team work, thus establishing confidence in Impol on the market and reliable services.

Flexibility – our services are distinguished by speed, efficiency and transparency, provided for by being in direct contact with our customers.

Excellence – to provide for quality, create ideas and implement sales activities by means of environmentally sound manufacturing processes.

Loyalty – towards society, owners, surroundings, colleagues and the environment by observing legal provisions and ethical norms.