The adequacy of our products is subject to continuous verification

Our customers are satisfied by our consistent quality that is also facilitated by continuously monitored processes, tested product quality, research and improvements undergone by the properties of our products. To this end, two large laboratories are in operation in the Group, namely a metallurgical and a metallographic research laboratory.

Mechanical tests, strength measurements and deep-drawing property tests are conducted at the metallurgical research laboratory. Testing novelties are continuously followed and the most recent standard requirements are implemented in the testing methods.

The metallographic research laboratory is engaged in detecting the history of the material and characterising micro-structural segments. Metallographic analysis is conducted by means of optical microscopy. Reliable specification of the type of material and individual particles are conducted by means of electronic microscopy with an EDS detector. Special attention is also paid to chemical tests: spectroscopic specification of the chemical composition of aluminium alloys, analytical chemistry and wastewater analysis.