Impol’s alloys contribute to the manufacturing of lighter, safer, faster and more economical cars that consume less fuel.

The driving force in the automotive industry

The automotive industry is driven by the desire to reduce vehicle weight and consequently also greenhouse gas emissions such as CO2 as well as the consumption of fossil fuels. Aluminium alloys with their excellent properties, low weight, good mechanical properties and cost-effective manufacturing facilitate sustainable growth of the automotive industry.

Quality of aluminium products and customer service

Impol manufactures products of exceptional quality with above-standard mechanical properties, with due consideration given to the customer’s requirements and the related process. An excellent understanding of the process provides for comprehensive technical support. Product and alloy manufacturing technology development takes into consideration the specific nature of every single customer. Diverse manufacturing processes and state-of-the-art research equipment provide for exceptional support pertaining to the development and manufacturing of semi-finished goods and products made from alloys and intended both car safety parts as well as less exacting applications.