Hot rolled coils

Production Technology

Produced by hot rolling technology for casted slabs heated up to 400 – 550°C in 9-17 passes on 4-high mill.

Emulsion (with 3-5% solution of emulsion oil in water) is used as cooling and lubricating agent.

Rolled strips are trimmed (if required) and wound into coils. After allowing 2-3 days for cooling purposes, coils are ready for downstream processing operations (delivery).

Hot rolled coils may be produced out of 1xxx, 3xxx, 5xxx and 8xxx series alloys, while product quality is reached based on customers’ demands, according to tables referring to alloys and tempers.
Thickness Width ID/OD Weight Purpose
6,0-10,0 za Al- 1050
6,5-8,0 for alloys
900-1650 depending on the alloy and thickness 600/1500 max 7 further processing


Material tempers