Impol is committed to establishing good working conditions for its personnel, to preserving their health and safety, to establishing a fair relationship with our associates and to promoting motivation and commitment to work.

  • The company diligently implements its occupational safety and health policy, continuously improving working conditions and actively impacting the reduction of the occupational accident rate.
  • It provides for the well-being of its personnel, whose remuneration significantly exceeds the average remuneration in the industry and the average remuneration in Slovenia. Every year, our personnel are granted the maximum (non-taxable) holiday bonus and, if the annual objectives set are met, a thirteenth salary as well.
  • Events that promote socialising and a good relationship among personnel are organised on an annual basis. The company keeps in touch with former, retired personnel for whom a meeting is organised and small gifts are prepared every year.
  • The career of our personnel is systematically developed and transfer of knowledge promoted. Our personnel are also awarded stimulative benefits.

All our activities are oriented towards minimising adverse effects on the environment and towards promoting harmony with nature.

  • The company intensively increases the share of consumption of secondary recycled aluminium.
  • It also reduces adverse effects on the environment by means of intensive investments.

    Our operations are transparent, fair and in compliance with high moral and ethical standards.

    • They are organised in compliance with the Impol Business Rule Code that lays down our values, modus operandi and expectations from employees and defines rules of cooperation among Impol Group companies.

    As the company is integrated into the local environment, it continuously nurtures harmony with locals, contributes to the development of social activities, promotes the development of promising leisure activities and contributes to a better quality of life.

    • It sponsors associations and other organisations as well as financially supports the organisation of events on a local as well as national scale.
    • Its activities, plans and strategies are actively reported and interested stakeholders are informed thereof.
    • The company reduces negative impacts on its surroundings, investing mainly in noise reduction.
    • Open days for the local population are organised.

    Did you know?

    Alufoil is reducing the environmental impact of food and drink products.